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Love your skin today and everyday!

Scarbandit is a company moved by innovation, built on passion and love for healthy and beautiful skin. We understand that we can't control all the factors causing marks to our epidermises, affecting one's confidence.


Our aim is to provide a powerful solution to remove unwanted scars opening doors to self-love and absolute confidence. Developed with all skin types, textures, and colors in mind, our products are medical-grade, available in different forms like silicone gel, tapes, and sheets to effectively suit all your skin needs.  For us, at Scarbandit we believe that scar care means skincare and self-care as well. It's about time to normalize the right to live without scars!


MEET Kalei

I've used several different silicone tape/ sheet products to reduce the scars left behind by a staff infection. ScarBandit is the best I've come across, and it's a great value for the price. Other silicone tapes always lift off at the edges and collect dirt that is difficult to wash off. So even though most are washable and reuseable, I find myself trimming off their dirty edges which makes the size too small rather quickly. But with ScarBandit I don't have that problem.


It adheres perfectly to my skin and it hardly ever moves or peels off no matter how active I am. It even stays put in the shower and sticks even when towel drying. I like the translucent skin tone color as it blends in nicely and isn't as obvious as the cloth covered tapes of the more expensive brand. It also isn't as thick so it doesn't snag or get caught when putting on or taking off your clothes, yet it is durable enough to wash and reuse several times before needing to be replaced.


The roll is convenient since you can make it as long or short as you need it and it's very easy to cut to size, allowing for minimum waste. It's also great for securing bandages or wound dressings as it securely holds and provides a flexible, waterproof barrier that is easily removed without irritating the skin or ripping out hair. I highly recommend ScarBandit.

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